Behind the scenes with Headfone Productionz

This weekend the Gate 8 Racing team headed up for a final practice session at the National Cycling Centre before the opening rounds of the 2019 HSBC UK National BMX series. Before that though there was the small matter of a photo shoot at NQ Studios in Manchester.

Headfone Productionz are documenting the teams inaugural season and first step on the journey were pre-season interviews and a photo shoot with the riders. We were lucky enough to get a look behind the scenes.

Gravas Gordon of Headfone Productionz selected the venue for its flexibility, natural light and location. He spent an hour getting product shots and stills of the URP and Mongoose race bikes the team are running this year before moving onto rider interviews. The final hour of the shoot was dedicated to rider portraits and team pictures. He put all the riders at ease and was able to shoot some fantastic natural looking shots.

The team all seemed to be having a great time and enjoyed being in the limelight, taking the opportunity to strike a pose and pout on demand!

We can't wait to see the results!