Cyclopark Rounds 3 & 4

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

One of the most technically demanding tracks on the circuit, Cyclopark is rewards those who can master it but unforgiving for those who fail to tame it. The weather, (particularly the wind) can be a leveller on the exposed Kent hillside the track occupies and April is always a lottery with the British weather. Seemingly in its own micro climate, rounds 3 & 4 of the HSBC National BMX Series saw all four seasons with freezing temperatures and hail, replaced by calm still clouds before sun and the inevitable arrival of the wind. With Adie and Chloe still rehabilitating from injuries the team was reduced to eight for the weekend as they looked to build on their success at Manchester as the outdoor season kicked off.

Day 1

The mercury was just above zero when racing started at 10am but even the heavy hail showers could't dampen the riders spirits. Zara has been working with a sports psychologist Serena MacLeod for the last month and it's clearly benefiting her mental game. Katie dropped the 20" to focus on her main cruiser class where she was joined by Izzy who rode her new Mongoose for the first time the night before. The pair navigated their way to the final with Izzy taking her first podium of the season. On the 20" both Izzy and Jo made the semi final but despite fast starts neither progressed. Jo appeared to be joined at the hip with local favourite Tabby Rendall as they battled for the class win, this time Jo who missed out.

Miguel fought his way to his first cruiser main of the year. On the 20" he was looking strong, locking down the class win early and challenging for the overall victory until a crash took him out of contention. Chris was frustrated with his riding and disappointed not to put together a lap. On the URP, George was on fire through the motos but a touch of bars put him on the outside and out of quarter finals. Haydon had a shocking first moto finishing last but produced a mercurial recovery, not dropping a lap on his way to his first National final, since winning in Glasgow last year.

Day 2

The temperature was up and so were the results. Top of the class was Chris Wimbledon who overcame the disappointment of Saturday to take his first National win since his father passed away. The wins kept coming as Jo finally found a way past her rival to take the 20" class. Izzy nearly made it a hat-trick but her last turn move didn't pay off and she dropped to third. Miguel made an uncharacteristic mistake and found himself boxed in and unclipped and having to settle for the bottom step on the 20" podium.

George enjoyed his best ever National run. Using smart thinking and fast reactions to navigate the knockout rounds, he contested his first main of the year where an ambitious double-triple and super tight first turn put him in contention for a podium, eventually taking a career best forth place. Katie found her mojo to improve to fifth on the cruiser. It wasn't all good news though, as Zara missed out on her first main of the year by just two points after a couple of unforced errors. Jo was out of sorts on the cruiser and missed the main for the first time since 2016. Izzy was lacking the consistency and endurance she needed to capitalise on her strong gates on the 20".

For Haydon it was a case of what could have been. He clearly had the track speed and gates to challenge for the win but lacked the overall first straight pace to keep himself out of trouble in the ultra competitive class. He was disappointed to go out in the quarters after racing elbow to elbow through the first and second straights compromised his speed and left him with too much to do in the second half of the lap.

Haydon Green

Rider Rating: 6/10

Day 1 started off as bad as it could've with an awful start in a stacked Moto and getting last. I turned it around with two solid Motos and won the semi, too many mistakes cost me in the final. Sunday I had consistent Motos with seconds and then tangling with another rider down the start hill and in the first corner put me back to 6th and I couldn't make it back. A few too many mistakes but lots of positives.

Chris Wimbledon

Rider Rating: 9/10

A tough first day where I just couldn't find my flow and put together a lap. I took the evening to reassess and used some old race videos to visualise the result I wanted. It all came together on Sunday and I'm delighted to take my first win of the season.

Miguel Gaboleiro

Rider Rating: 6/10

In rounds 3 & 4 I felt that I progressed a bit. I managed to make the final in both categories. On Sunday I won all the motos in the 20" but in the final I unclipped in the first corner losing all chance. In the cruiser final I had an accident with another rider and when analysing the video I see he was going to make a move from top to bottom in the corner and I from the bottom up hit him and he was hurt, I'm sorry he was hurt but this is racing.

George Hunt

Rider Rating: 9/10

I didn’t race as good as I should’ve on Saturday getting pushed up in the first turn in the quarter so I didn’t get through but Sunday was a whole different story. I got through to the final with a third in the semi. In the final I made a great move in the first turn which put me into fourth position which is my best ever result at Nationals.

Joanna Roberts

Rider Rating: 7/10

Saturday's racing got off to a great start after some solid motos. I was happy to achieve 6th on the cruiser and overall second on the 20" in 30+ Masters. Sunday I had some tough moto draws on the cruiser resulting in a disappointing 10th. With determined riding on the 20" I took the overall win in the 30+ Masters class.

Izzy Ferrada

Rider Rating: 7/10

Happy with results on cruiser being the first time it I rode it but racing two classes was bit of a shock to the system! I'm hoping to make the 20" main next time out in Birmingham.

Zara Harris

Rider Rating: 8/10

This weekend I set out to be more aggressive in my cycling, not focussing on the results. On both days I showed aggression and confidence. I managed to complete my goal and have fun which is the main thing.

Katie Dyson

Rider Rating: 7/10

Weekend started rocky with a mixture of hail, sleet and chilly winds but as the motos progressed I started to gain confidence, progressing from the back to the front end of the pack. Still know that I have more to give, and this weekend has enabled me to work on my riding skills.