Double trouble at Birmingham

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Storm Hannah left just in time for a warmup race at Perry Park ahead of next month's National rounds.

The Gate 8 team were out in force for the Birmingham round of the Midlands regional series, taking advantage of the break in the weather to get in some extra track time before things get serious at rounds 5 and 6 of the HSBC UK National BMX series. Track time is often at a premium before a National at a closed track, so doubling up on two classes optimises racing laps, but provides a tough workout with little recovery between races!

After taking his first National win of the season Chris has been struggling with a heavy cold but that didn't stop him battling with Miguel who'd travelled up from London for the day. The pair were within 3 tenths of a second of each other going in to the final. Chris had the snap out the gate but it was Miguel who found a way past to come out on top. Jo has been working on her flat pedal skills recently but she got it all wrong on the second straight with an uncomfortable looking slipped pedal that she did well to save. She was bruised but happy to retain the overall series lead.

Adrian sat out the National at Cyclopark to recover from his indoor crash and his heavily bruised knee. Nearly back to full training he doubled up on 20" and cruiser. On the 20" he was on for the main until he was muscled out on a turn and out on count back. He redeemed himself with an outstanding semi-final on the cruiser putting out some top riders on the way to a staked cruiser main.

Also doubling up on both bikes was George Hunt. Fresh from his best ever National result he's hitting the run of form that we've been predicting all winter. Taking 4th in the A Final on the 20" (after rerunning a Moto twice) he took 2nd on his cruiser. He probably did more laps than anyone today and is looking to be in with a great chance of another solid National performance.

Meanwhile in London, Zara was racing at Hayes for the second round in her campaign to reclaim the London title. Her race plan went off without a hitch locking in the maximum 100 points and extending her lead in the series.

Next week the team and guests are back together at Birmingham for a private session with performance director Kelvin Batey.