Puls Wear Review

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

When you ride, ride in style.

If you're piloting the most innovative, high performance race bike on the circuit you need a race kit that looks as good as your URP MoTo v1 bike right? Hell yeah! You do!

When the team owner decides they want three riders with highly unique styles on the team, and they each need a look that that complements the personal choices they've made in the paint finish and custom graphics of their bikes, you've got a challenge on your hands. Add in the fact this is BMX race kit that needs to be high performance, durable and breathable, the challenge gets a lot harder! Enter Puls Wear with the solution...

Based in Poland Puls offer a wide range of custom and semi-custom race kits comprising matching pants and jersey as well as shorts for warmer weather. Their website offers an online configuration tool that lets you combine a mind boggling number of colour combinations with 10 template designs. We've not counted but it feels like there are thousands of combinations! For the Gate 8 | URP race team we needed the full custom experience to be able to incorporate both the team and rider sponsor's logos.

Armed with three base templates and colour schemes that matched each rider's frame colour and decals we contacted Puls to complete the look and incorporate the logos. We couldn't have hoped for better customer service. Immediately understanding the vision we had for three unique kits for riders on the same team, the Puls team were quick to mock-up a design that was on point. A little back and forth followed to complete the design process and we were ready for production within 48 hours. The manufacturing process was lightning fast and we received three fully customised kits incredibly quickly.

Puls use a full sublimation process so rather than 'sticking' on the images they are printed directly into the fabric - great for functional sports gear where you want to retain a fabric's wicking and breathability capabilities. The jerseys are made from a stretch material that strikes a great balance between lightweight and durability. They are cut for a slim fit, athletic build and to accommodate a rider's body armour without the baggy feel we've experienced with other race tops.

The race pants are packed with excellent and practical design features that lift them above the standard you see in many 'off the shelf' race pants. What is immediately noticeable is how light and flexible they are. This is likely due to Puls having their heritage in MTB rather than Motocross. Many other brands offer the same pant for both and MX and BMX/MTB use, with only slight modification for the latter, like removing the leather heat shield or adjusting the ankle hem. The result is a hardwearing pant but one that is often heavier and stiffer than it needs to be.

"Super lightweight and stretchy material means the kit doesn't restrict you in anyway. It's the comfiest kit I've ever worn." Haydon Green, Gate 8 | URP

Not having your kit restrict your pedalling style is good start but it doesn't stop there. The pants are cut for a super slim fit, yet remain compliant with the latest UCI rules banning close fitting kit, they are definitely an off road race pant and not some lycra skin suit! The waist band features a ratchet fastener to hold them securely in place, especially when combined with the silicone band that runs across the rear. This is very effective at stopping the pants from riding up (or down) and is comfortable with the jersey tucked in or flowing free. They come equipped with 3 large pockets that are big enough to be useable, we managed to get a smartphone, set of keys and a wallet in them - not totally necessary for race day but a good option to have when you're out training or looking for somewhere to keep your gloves.

It's the attention to detail that really raises the Puls pants above other brands though. Like having the rider's name and size printed on the inside of the waist band - useful when you have a team wearing identical gear! The rubber Puls logo also doubles as a handy clothes hanger for drying them on the line. You certainly get a lot for your money with a Race Jersey and Pant combo coming in at €149 Euros including all the customisation and a cute little kit bag to keep them in. Puls quote a lead time is 7-21 days for custom wear and less for their stock kits.

In BMX, customised club and team jerseys are commonplace but pairing them with matching pants is a rarity. With Puls in the market, we think that's set to change. We're delighted to be at the forefront of that movement and are convinced that the Gate 8 | UPR riders will be riding in style this season!