Gate 8 started life as a track shop but has since evolved to be a force in online retail with customers around the globe. Supporting two race teams is part of the brands strategy to produce its own range of components, using the team's riders to test and refine the parts before going into full production. 

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If you raced BMX in the 80s you either had a Mongoose or you wanted one! The brand was absolutely dominant for almost a decade with a race team that was second to none. After an almost 30 year absence they are back with a budget friendly performance race bike. The team's feedback has been great and we're looking forward to seeing them take to the track in anger. 

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Urban Race Parts (URP) are UK based company designing a range of components and frames. Most notably the revolutionary MoTo v.1 BMX Race Frame which is ahead of  its time. Featuring the Modius Dropout system the frame is disc specific, belt drive ready and supports all axle diameters natively. We're delighted to partner with URP for the 2019 season and have high hopes a longer-term collaboration will develop. 

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